Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Avoid Panic Attacks - Helpful Ways to Overcome High Levels of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Let us discuss first the usual signs of a panic attack before we learn how to avoid panic attacks. Basically, the symptoms are anxiety-based. This means that your body response through the sympathetic nervous system. The signs will include:

• Rapid heart rate
• Nausea
• Sense of not being oneself
• Sense of detachment
• Dizziness
• Excessive sweating
• Hyperventilation
• Shortness of breath

It is a vicious cycle and it will never stop unless you actively participate in stopping it. The attack can be triggered by various factors. Once the cycle starts, it will be hard to prevent or stop unless you are already well-equipped and well-versed with it. But for first timers, it becomes twice more scary.

Some form of treatment involves exposure to the feelings. This means that the individual has to experience the induced form of attack in the presence of your medical counselor or physician. The induced form is done by instructing the patient to induce hyperventilation. Remember that you are attempting to recreate the whole scenario so that you will be aware of what you are going through.

It is actually just normal to be fearful, worried and anxious but when it becomes excessive, you are already on the road to having a panic attack. If you want to learn how to avoid panic attacks, look more closely into the things that really matter. What triggers it in the first place? If you know what causes your attack, you would do everything you can to avoid it. But, this is not enough and it is not what I mean.

When I say that you need to look into what causes the attack, it means you have to objectively look at it in different angles. It is not enough to just avoid the same scene but it will be enough if you be more constructive and objective. Is your fear real and has concrete evidence? If your answer is no, you need to ask yourself further why would you entertain something that is not even real?

Thousands of people suffer from panic attacks and believe me that all of them always want to avoid the entire situation. You cannot just avoid it because if you truly want to be freed from the bonds of panic attacks, you have to face it head on. You have to focus more on developing your courage to face the real problem because this will define how well you will be able to handle it.

Do not get too absorbed and consumed in your fear and worries because you will only sink deeper into the pit of despair. Be well-prepared. Rest well and try to downplay your stress so that you will know how to deal with the next attack.

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