Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top New Year's Resolution - The Mistake That Can Practically Guarantee Failure

My top new year's resolution is to create my own job: earn an income of $500 per week from affiliate products without investing any money.

Specific, measurable, challenging, and deadline-oriented, my top new year's resolution is a solid goal. But will it happen?

Achievable With This Item

A goal or resolution will never spring into action unless there's a plan to make it materialize. My top new year's resolution is achievable as long as I put a plan into place. Without creating a blueprint for action, failure is almost guaranteed.

Build or Find a Plan of Action?

I could have spent a good deal of time researching and then developing my own plan. But why do that when there are blueprints available that already work?

The plan I chose is called One Week Marketing written by PotPieGirl, an affiliate marketing guru. I looked at many, many methods to make my top new year's resolution work and One Week Marketing is THE plan for Internet Marketing newbies, beginners, and dummies like me.

Plan Components

Since PotPieGirl's blueprint is directed to an audience who has limited funds and who may not be knowledgeable about affiliate marketing, it contains information not normally included in an action plan.

For example, besides the action plan, there is a set of emails between PotPieGirl and a newbie marketer as he executes the blueprint. This is an excellent way to see what obstacles a beginner might face and then overcome.

As I read his questions and PotPieGirl's responses, I realized my top new year's resolution will happen sooner than I ever hoped!

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