Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Panic?

Christmas is fast approaching! Are you ready with your wishlist? I am! I've been putting together a list of items that I'd like to buy myself for Christmas, or hopefully, when my friends are reading my blog, then they'd be able to see the items I'd like to add on my greatest possessions,haha.

1. Camera!

I'm debating whether wanting to have a Nikon camera or Canon G11 Powershot 10MP. Well looks like I got a preferred model from Canon so it appears that I love it better than the former, haha. I've always loved Nikon cameras as I love the pictures that my dad takes during our fishing activities and picnics. They are so clear and can't help but blushing when my friends tells me on Facebook that I look good on those pictures.

I miss our little hometown since we moved here in Tennessee. I wish that we could spend sometime there on Christmas, get to visit our grannies and eat some brownies that grandma always prepare for us. Ah, what could be better than having the whole family complete for Christmas eve dinner.

3. Quality Time

I always look forward for Christmas because almost everyone goes home and spend some quality time with the rest of the family, we bake cookies, we play with our cousins, we take pictures, everybody's having fun. Except for dad, mom said he needs to be overseas for his business transactions. I miss the days when we were fishing in the lake. I wish he'd be home this Christmas. Even just this year when I'm turning 18.

Those were just my simple wishes for Christmas, what's yours?

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